Minería Activa is preparing to reactivate the operations of the Pampa Camarones mine in early 2019.

Pampa Camarones SpA is looking for you
20 January, 2019

The project seeks to optimize the exploitation method, copper extraction and processing processes, in order to obtain ore with higher grade.

The existing infrastructure will be used, although the expansion of facilities such as hazardous waste warehouses will be required, as well as the incorporation of new complementary facilities such as warehouses, offices, among others.

It is planned to increase the extraction volumes by 25% to 37,500 tons per month, which will come mainly from the Salamanqueja Mine. This will be complemented by the new extraction area to be implemented corresponding to Chacota Mine with 500 tons per day (15,000 tons/month), as well as mineral purchases from third parties.

“The current exploitation method of the Salamanqueja Mine will be optimized, using a better selectivity in order to obtain a higher grade ore, considering that the Project considers the extraction, from Mina Salamanqueja, an additional extraction rate of 250 t/day in average” indicates the environmental impact statement (DIA) entered by the company.

It is estimated a maximum production of 8,400 tons of copper cathodes.

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