At Pampa Camarones SpA we have an environmental management model based on "Compliance with Environmental Standards and Commitments" that allows us to ensure compliance with all the environmental commitments assumed in our Environmental Qualification Resolutions (RCA). At Pampa Camarones SpA we have a clear environmental policy and objectives and an approach aimed at the timely identification of environmental risks associated with

operations, which seeks to avoid adverse effects on the environment at all times. Our company continuously improves the conditions of its mining operations, always seeking to improve environmental performance. We have established and maintain a vision and an environmental policy of health and safety for the environment as well as for our workers and neighboring communities.

Renewable energies

Our privileged location in the Pampa Camarones area, allow us to develop a sustainable mining, by minimizing the environmental impact in a considerable way.

We privilege clean energy, so we use electricity generated by the Photovoltaic Plant located in Pampa Camarones, which is located 7 kilometers from the site.

SIAM Project

In addition, we are very concerned about the environment and the importance and criticality of water resources in the area, we have made a great effort with the purpose of using seawater through our Seawater Pump System (SIAM), which allows us to self-supply our processes with sea water and to be a modern and sustainable operation.

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