Minera Pampa Camarones has been recognized as Ambassador of the Chinchorro Culture in Chile and the World

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Within the framework of the celebration of the V Festival Canto a la Cultura and after the inauguration of the Espacio Chinchorro Museum Exposition Room, located in the town of Cuya, capital of the Municipality of Camarones, Minera Pampa Camarones was declared Ambassador of the Chinchorro Culture in Chile and the world, as a contribution to the presentation made to Unesco, which seeks to recognize the Chinchorro culture as a World Heritage Site.

This decree was announced by Mayor Iván Romero Menacho, who has highlighted the company’s commitment to safeguarding and protecting the archaeological remains, which are part of Chinchorro’s cultural heritage, and which allows the community in general to become involved in a mummification process that scientists have catalogued as the oldest in the world.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by Mayor Romero, the recently elected communal chief Cristian Zavala; the President of the Regional Council (CORE), Zenón Alarcón, the councilor Sergio López; the Seremi of Cultures and Arts, Hernán Zamora; the president of the local commerce, Rosa González, David Montero of Redenor; Fernando Álvarez, General Manager of Minera Pampa Camarones, together with other executives of the company, as well as public officials and the community.

On his part, Gonzalo Rojas, HSEC Superintendent of Minera Pampa Camarones, indicates that the company’s participation is part of the company’s Social Responsibility Policy, which has motivated the organization to establish an agreement with the Municipality to implement initiatives that promote the cultural roots of the Region, in this case, the creation of an archaeological exhibition hall, which will be located within the facilities of the new Espacio Cultural Chinchorro.

“Our sustainable development is not limited only to economic aspects, but implies an integral development that links cultural bonds as part of the growth of the Region,” explained Luis Vergara Pizarro, HR Superintendent of Minera Pampa Camarones.

Minera Pampa Camarones will continue to develop initiatives that generate future benefits in the region, which, together with the efforts of the authorities of Arica and Parinacota, seek to promote one of the oldest cultures in the world, whose cradle is located in Caleta Camarones, in the municipality of Camarones.


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