Pampa Camarones Reports 10AM Update on Statement

Pampa Camarones Issues Statement Regarding Rock Fall at Salamanqueja Mine
9 July, 2024
Pampa Camarones Reports 6PM Update on Statement
10 July, 2024

Arica, July 10, 2024.-

10:00 AM. Pampa Camarones SpA informs that, regarding the incident affecting our worker José Miguel Espinoza Albornoz, 43 years old, married and with one daughter, who works as an LHD Operator, he is in good health and maintains radio communication with the exterior every 20 minutes. Necessary arrangements have been made to ensure he is in constant contact with his family.

Pampa Camarones SpA continues to deploy all necessary human and technical resources for the control, monitoring, and rescue of our worker. Currently, the arduous task of removing the spilled material as part of the rescue plan is ongoing. Additionally, five mining rescue experts from the El Teniente Division of Codelco Chile, as well as the Atacama Rescue Group, are on their way to the site to provide expert technical support.

On-site, the development of the work plan is being monitored by the Presidential Delegate of the Arica and Parinacota Region, Mr. Ricardo Sanzana; the Regional Mining Secretary, Mr. Daniel Curiqueo; the Regional Director of Sernageomin, Mr. Ricardo Venegas; and the Regional Director of Senapred, Mr. Javier Carvajal. Meanwhile, the National Director of Sernageomin, Mr. Patricio Aguilera, and the Chairman of the Board of Pampa Camarones, Mr. Andrés Susaeta, are on their way to the site.

Pampa Camarones SpA appreciates the commitment and support provided by all national and regional authorities, as well as various mining companies with whom we are in constant communication.

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