Pampa Camarones Issues Statement Regarding Rock Fall at Salamanqueja Mine

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19 April, 2024
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10 July, 2024

Arica, July 9, 2024.-

Pampa Camarones SpA reports that at 11:45 PM on July 8, during waste rock removal activities, a rock fall occurred at level 580 in the northern sector of the central mine located in one of the areas of the Salamanqueja Mine.

Emergency protocols were immediately activated, the area was isolated, and activities were halted, evacuating the personnel working in the area. The competent authority was also notified, and the emergency brigade was immediately activated.

As a result of the event, a Scoop equipment (closed cabin) with one of our operators inside was trapped. Contact with the operator has been maintained at all times, who reports being in good health.

Pampa Camarones SpA is deploying all necessary human and technical resources for the control, monitoring, and rescue of our worker, with the collaboration of SERNAGEOMIN, Carabineros (Police), Firefighters, Rescue Brigade, and expert professionals from other mining companies.

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