Pampa Camarones hosts a successful quarterly results presentation with investors

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31 August, 2023
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● More than 40 people gathered at SONAMI’s offices to learn about Pampa Camarones’ first quarterly results since its stock market debut.

Santiago, January 19, 2024.-

Pampa Camarones, the mining company controlled by Minería Activa, held its first quarterly presentation for investors today, attracting over 40 individuals to the premises of the Sociedad Nacional de Minería. The presentation brought together mining industry representatives, company investors, and other financial stakeholders linked to Pampa Camarones.

Robert Mayne Nicholls, CEO of Pampa Camarones, led the presentation, summarizing the company’s key milestones in 2023 and outlining the steps for 2024. Regarding this year, Robert stated that “following the end of the DIA restriction, we are poised to increase our production to 7,500 tons this year,” specifying that with such production, they could achieve an EBITDA of over US$20 million.

The company reaffirmed its commitments made during its listing on ScaleX, sharing an investment schedule. Mayne Nicholls mentioned they are about to commence drilling in the San Carlos sector, with an estimated start date of January 25, expecting to present the results of this exploration in April. Additionally, he highlighted their plans to initiate the exploration campaign in Pampa Camarones in April, presenting the results in September. Finally, it was emphasized that payments for the mining rights options of the Ciclón Exploradora mining property will be made during April and September, thus fulfilling the commitments made to their investors.

To conclude the session, Robert presented the company’s reporting plan, committing to provide quarterly reports and publish them on its website, aiming to strengthen communication with its investors.

About Pampa Camarones:

Pampa Camarones is the first copper operation developed in the Arica and Parinacota Region. The entire operation runs 100% on seawater and renewable energy from a photovoltaic plant, with an annual production capacity of 8,400 tons of cathode copper. In 2016, Minería Activa took control of the company’s management to restart its operations in 2019. Also, in 2022, through a reorganization, Pampa Camarones SpA acquired full ownership of the Ciclón-Exploradora project.

About Minería Activa:

Minería Activa is a partnership between Activa Alternative Assets, the private equity arm of LarrainVial, and a team of managing partners with extensive and recognized experience in the mining industry. For over 15 years, the company has been dedicated to the development of mining projects at all stages, from early exploration to production, always aiming to contribute to the energy transition through the development of sustainable mining projects.

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