Pampa Camarones Reports Succesful Rescue Operation of its Worker

Pampa Camarones Reports 6PM Update on Statement
10 July, 2024

Arica, July 10, 2024.-

8:00 PM. Pampa Camarones SpA reports that our worker, José Miguel Espinoza Albornoz, 43 years old, has been successfully rescued from inside the mine and is in good condition.

José Miguel, after reuniting with his family on the surface, was immediately attended to on-site by healthcare professionals and is now being transported by ambulance to the ACHS Hospital in Arica for evaluation.

The rescue of José Miguel was possible due to the successful execution of the plan agreed upon by the rescue team, who managed to access the LHD cabin where José Miguel was located and evacuate him safely. The involvement of the rescue team from the El Teniente Division of Codelco Chile, GOPE brigadiers, and company personnel was crucial to the positive outcome of the operation.

The rescue operation and the development of the work plan were continuously monitored by the Presidential Delegate of the Arica and Parinacota Region, Mr. Ricardo Sanzana; the National Director of Sernageomin, Mr. Patricio Aguilera; the Regional Mining Secretary, Mr. Daniel Curiqueo; the Regional Director of Sernageomin, Mr. Ricardo Venegas; the Regional Director of Senapred, Mr. Javier Carvajal; and the Chairman of the Board of Pampa Camarones, Mr. Andrés Susaeta.

The company will continuously monitor the health status of José Miguel, and we hope for his speedy recovery.

Finally, Pampa Camarones SpA reiterates its gratitude for the commitment and support provided by all National and Regional Authorities, as well as the various mining companies with which we were in constant communication.

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