Government gives support to LarrainVial’s mining arm to reactivate Pampa Camarones

Minería Activa acquires about 90% of Pampa Camarones for US$18 million
19 October, 2016
Minería Activa is preparing to reactivate the operations of the Pampa Camarones mine in early 2019.
9 October, 2018

This Friday will be the key vote to define the future of the project.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018.- These days will be crucial in the future of the Pampa Camarones mining project.

This is because on Friday the key vote will be held in which the heads of ministerial services will express their resolution on the project.

It should be remembered that last week, the government, through the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA), a technical body belonging to the Ministry of the Environment, recommended the Environmental Assessment Commission (CEA) of the Arica and Parinacota Region to approve the initiative.

The project, which contemplates an investment of US$10 million for its update, aims to perfect its exploitation technique, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of copper extraction and processing processes in order to obtain a greater purity of the metal.

According to the projections of the original partners of the project -Arrigoni Minería SpA, Pampa Mater S.A., Samsung C&T Chile and Copper SpA- Pampa Camarones contemplated an investment of US $ 70 million. However, in the opinion of the SEA, the approval of the project is subject to a series of conditions.

In fact, the owner must present a schedule to the Council of National Monuments, for the process of regularization of the unauthorized interventions in the archaeological site “Salamanqueja 1243”, which occurred during the execution of the “Pampa Camarones
Cathodes Plant” project. He must also provide information of existing cactus species on
the location.


Fuente : Portal Minero

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